Frugal Ways to Make Your Living Place and Environment Eco-friendly for Healthy Living

By | August 14, 2018

In recent times the idea of Go Green has been noticed in the news, fashion, technology and other areas. Gradually the green lifestyle is gaining importance and it is now easy to crush the negative impact on environment and climate changes. However, it takes lots of small changes to bring a big change. The positive impact human creates on environment is also important for overall change. That is, the way they live, eat, buy, shop, travel and use nature resources are to be considered for improving and bringing overall changes in the quality of life as well as environment. So whether it is for your office or home there are few frugal green going tips, which can bring great change to the environment and also save the money.

Use green products to save energy

It is observed that at workplace there is significantly more use of energy and resources. Though it is small building, the consumption of natural resources or energy doesn’t vary when compared to large building. The only solution to save energy and environment is to adapt green techniques such as using eco-friendly services and products, installing energy efficient products, reducing waste and encouraging collective usage of the resources or energy. These green techniques not only give satisfaction to the employees but also increase company’s reputation and money.  

Improve quality of the air

Researches reveal that indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air and has great impact on the individual health as well as environment. Polluted indoor air can also reduce productivity for a business. Normally, indoor air pollution occurs due to chemical emissions caused from furniture, floor cleaning products and carpet cleaning products or other cleaning products. The use of non-toxic cleaning products should be avoided as they have harmful chemicals that can harm building occupants or the environment. So, Go Green by using eco-friendly cleaners and replenish oxygen in the room by adding plants to the room. Use some shade loving plants like philodendrons and ivies that grow in shade or near open windows or doors.  

Reduce non-recyclable waste

Using eco-friendly kitchenware can cut the waste to some extent and also reduces harmful non-recyclable items that create environment pollution. Green way to reduce the waste includes usage of reusable glass and coffee mugs, dishes, plates and silverware; eating homemade lunch at workplace etc. With such green techniques you reduce packing waste and bottled water waste that can cause the environment pollution. At workplace or home reduce the paper use as it can also increase the waste. Going electronic to store information, double side printing, using organic ink toner cartridges and recycled paper for printing are some green ideas for paper conservation.

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