Eddie Hall Made Olympic Gymnast Nile Wilson Do His Strongman Workout

By | March 23, 2021

Nile Wilson is many things—an elite gymnast, an Olympic bronze medalist, a prolific YouTuber—but a strongman, well, you can safely say he is not. In his latest YouTube installment, the 5’5″ 140-pound athlete decided this fact wasn’t going to stop him from seeing how his body would hold up while mimicking the workout of his good friend and former World’s Strongest Man Eddie Hall.

As the video begins, it’s nice to see Wilson seems to have recovered fully from his last encounter with Hall, which ended with the gymnast flying through mid-air after absorbing a devastating punch to the gut from the 6’3″ 350-pound strongman-turned boxer.

After a few minutes of catching up—and reminiscing about the time Hall, then 400 pounds, attempted a backflip—they get into the workout. First up is a staple movement: a simple deadlift. Hall coaches Wilson through the movement, and he tops out at a respectable 265 pounds. From there, they hit a circuit of machines, doing a series of pulling movements and working their back and shoulder muscles.

Turns out, that’s just the warmup to the main event—or at least, the most recognizably Strongman event: the yoke carry. As Wilson nervously eyes the enormous contraption, Hall, naturally, urges him to add even more weight. “I can quite comfortably say this is the first and the last time I will be training with Ed,” Wilson jokes. From the way he nearly collapses after a single loaded carry, we’re inclined to believe him.

Watch the video above to see how Wilson fared with the rest of Hall’s muscle-building workout. And if you’re feeling motivated to follow in his footsteps, you don’t need to make room in your garage for a yoke kit. Start with these simpler variations on the loaded carry to achieve Beast-like gains of your own.

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