Does the scd diet help epilepsy

By | October 23, 2020

does the scd diet help epilepsy

Please understand, I am not a doctor. MAD is a medical therapy, not magic. But information and knowledge is power, and knowing what options are out there will help you make wise decisions. Unfortunately, when our children are seriously ill, we are so busy caring for them that we have little time to search for answers; we are left feeling desperate, vulnerable and frightened. This story is an attempt to share what we learned in the hope that it will help others. Dietary therapy is available as a treatment option, and it may also work for your child. Thankfully most cases of epilepsy today can be controlled successfully with medication.

Working Paper. Katharine Hankus, MA. It is a serious disease causing lifelong disability and a significantly increased risk of mortality. Recent research has highlighted the microbiome as a cause — and treatment — for numerous diseases, including epilepsy. We propose the GAPS nutritional protocol as a therapeutic target for epilepsy because it takes a necessary multifaceted approach to treating the factors that result in epilepsy. The GAPS nutritional protocol decreases intestinal permeability and pathogenic immune responses while rebalancing gut microbiota and treating dysbiosis. Furthermore, recent insight into the mechanisms of action of the ketogenic diet show that it is not the ketones that provide anti-seizure effects, but rather an alteration of intestinal microbiota, anti-inflammatory side effects, and inclusion of medium-chain triglycerides.

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