Diets for fat guts in your 50s

By | August 18, 2020

diets for fat guts in your 50s

When you hit a certain age, things happen to your body that you may feel you have no control over — such as an increase in belly fat. You can thank a decrease in hormone levels, estrogen for women and testosterone for men, that starts in your 40s for the growing midsection you’re now dealing with in your 50s. The expanding fat deep in your abdomen surrounding your organs is called visceral fat. Not only is this type of fat uncomfortable, but it’s also bad for your health and increases your risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. While you may not have much control over your hormones, making changes to how you eat and exercise may help you lose some of your abdominal girth. Consult your doctor to discuss a diet and exercise plan that works for you. Do you want to lose weight or be healthier? Join MyPlate Calorie Counter and get access to free meal plans, healthy recipes and at-home workouts. You’ll also get daily calorie and macro goals for your fitness journey.

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