Christina Embers Taylor Is Slaying the Night Away With This Starry Look

By | August 7, 2019

To no one’s surprise, Christina Embers Taylor is living up to her name with this smoldering makeup look. Be sure to take careful notes, ’cause I’m sure you’ll want to take this one for a test-drive.

Christina wastes no time. She starts by swiping white all over eyelids and brows in a winged shape and then blends it all out. She adds a shock of bright red, then makes sure to further define her crease with dark red shadow. She adds some black to the outer corners of her eyes and tops her lids off with white, locking it all down with powder. If you thought it would end there, not so fast—she finishes off her lids with gold glitter to add some glitz.

Now Christina moves to her brows. The game is pointy, dark red brows and it’s all about definition. She swipes on a champagne highlight, then sets it down with powder and uses concealer to line the edges. Then she brightens her brow highlights even more, because there is no such thing as too much highlighter.

Now for the face. Christina starts with a neutral foundation and layers highlight on her cheekbones and the bridge of her nose. She swipes on a darker contour in the hollows of her cheeks and on the top of her forehead, topping with a powder contour before blending it out. She defines her nose on either side with some more highlight. And now, y’all, it’s time to bake.

You didn’t think her eyes were finished, did you? She adds a smoky red shadow underneath her lashline, and then makes her eyes pop even more by adding white to her waterline. She puts some shimmer on the high points of her face to get that ✨glow✨, then she paints her lips with dusty pink, taking care to line them first. From there, she pops on lashes and uses setting spray to make the look stay all day.

Don’t worry, the sparkle doesn’t end there. Christina throws on a blonde wig and completes the look with star earrings, statement gold jewelry, and shimmery gloves. Glowing is an understatement, TBH.

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