Books Are What Every Child Needs in Their Life

By | September 27, 2018

The invention of writing was among the most remarkable incidents of humankind because through writing, preservation of acquired knowledge began. People started learning from their further collective ancestors. Humans built upon what their ancestors had done. Not just the spread of knowledge was facilitated by the invention of writing, but people also instructed each other through writing. Many inscriptions were written on behalf of the king to instruct his subjects. Religious leaders wrote up materials that instructed people at every stage. Even when people rose against monarchy and papacy, that too involved instructions through writing. Another aspect of reading is entertainment. We all love a good story. We do not always find a good story teller who would spend his time telling stories to us when we want him to. That need is met with a book. In books you have stories that you love to read. Through the stories your emotions are stimulated. That is what makes reading stories such a pleasurable activity.

There are many reasons why you would like your child to develop a reading habit. The better reading comprehension ability is developed in your child, the more he or she will learn. And the child would then want to read books which will add to the child’s knowledge. Another reason is that sometimes you are simply unable to attend to your child. The people at home are too busy at a moment to play with the child or chat with the child. At that time the child will find a great companion in books. Also reading books will stimulate the child’s creativity. The child would learn how to use words to create a meaning, how to use pictures to express something and how to use both words and pictures to tell a story or instruct or describe. Another very important reason is that your child goes through a lot during his or her formative years. A child always faces bullies at school. At home the child may face an emotional blockade at times due to expectation of parents from the child to be able to do certain things. At those times when a child has no one to go to, no one to speak to about the problems he or she is facing, the child will find a book to be very comforting. An inspiring childrens book can help the child go through the childhood crises. Kids inspirational book may have the stories that the child is seeking to go through the turmoil of childhood, that of being bullied, that of peer pressure, that of the development of new emotions of which no one talked to him or her about before. Online kids book is something that you can hook your child to. An online kids book can be really interactive and different from a traditional book in many good ways. Children book has vastly improved over the time and many child psychologists too are taking active part in the designing and writing of the books.

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