Anti-racism Resources

By | June 3, 2020

As much as we bring positivity and inspiration to your kitchens and how to nourish your body, we must show up for the community — we will stand up, support, listen, learn, and take action for the black community.

Compassion, reflection, mindfulness, and being intentional with words and actions are not only part of my core values but also the values we have as a small company.

I guide and teach about the many ways we can be more mindful of our health and how we nourish our bodies. Just as our motto of healthy is a daily practice, taking anti-racism action is a daily practice.

Showing up to injustice starts with our own work.

It’s about taking action in unlearning, learning, reading, journaling, donating, having these conversations with family and friends, supporting teachers and black voices, and doing the work internally. I will listen, learn, and do my part as a human being and a healthcare provider to stand with and support the black community.

Start Here

Who To Follow

It’s important we’re all being responsible for our own education, following these teachers on Instagram, supporting their work, taking their online classes can be great ways to learn and support.

Anti-racism Teachers

Black Dietitians And Foodies

Please follow and support these black dietitians and foodies to learn more about the incredible black voices in this community. There are so many others to recognize and connect with beyond this list. You are welcome to contribute to this list and amplify others by tagging them in the comments. 

I also encourage all RDs and anyone interested in the world of nutrition, health, and wellness to follow Diversify Dietetics which is dedicated to increasing the racial and ethnic diversity in the field of nutrition. 

Where To Donate:

Where To Sign Petitions:

Take Action

Amplify their voices, work, buy their products, attend their online classes, start taking the action needed now.

On this journey, let’s love ourselves, our neighbors, and take intentional action to become the change we wish to see.

As a team, we’re working to make this a part of our company 365 days a year.

Sending love and compassion, ??? 

McKel and team NS

*As we continue to listen, to learn, to do the work as a company, we will continue to add to this list, create further resources to support and stand with the black community. It’s our responsibility to educate ourselves, but if you would like to contribute to this list with any resources that have supported you, then please comment below.

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