Alternative Education

By | January 3, 2018

Education is one of the most important aspects to enrich the lives of individuals, opening the doors of knowledge and eradicating ignorance. However education is acquired through various formats. The face to face learning format is also known as main stream education is one of the most popular formats opted by many schools around the globe. This format includes a large group of students attained by a teacher. This teacher is responsible of inculcating the knowledge in the students. However every student is gifted with different intellect and learning ability, thus this mainstream education format might now be suitable for everybody. Some students have different choices in terms of education, some might have different traits some are unable to attend the mainstream education. Thus such students opt for alternative education.

Alternative education many inculcate certain principles or ideologies from mainstream education, however alternative education is aimed at the niche classes.  Alternative education basically has three popular approaches, political approach, philosophical approach and scholarly approach.

Alternative education mostly has a class with a small group of 15 students who are goal oriented. The teachers and the other staff are more or less compassionate and experienced. The teachers are highly professionals and have personal touch with every student and thus know the capabilities of each child personally. The teachers adapt their teaching styles with the learning styles of the student that enables the student to comprehend the content matter properly. Alternative schools provide flexible school schedules that aid the learner to establish proper tempo for education. Thus this format guarantees the success of each and every student.

Alternative education has been broadly categorized in four major forms namely, school choice, alternative school, independent school and home based education.

School Choice: School is regarded as one of the most basic aspect in education. Some students are having the caliber to educate themselves with niche learning. There are several public schools offer with alternate education. Thus public schools provide an open opportunity to almost every student in their community to opt for alternate education. The most popular school options include charter schools that are often the combination of private organization and public funding, magnet schools which includes students with peculiar skills like performing arts, music schools, etc

Alternative Schools: Alternative schools are specifically set up for the students with the choice of interest. Alternative schools offer wide range of philosophy and teaching methods. Though alternative schools are provided with financial aid from the government, many alternative schools seem to run independently. Alternative schools are basically established for certain students with disciplinary and social changes. Alternative schools are also established for separate section of students with physical or emotional disabilities.

Independent Schools: Independent school or private school, it is basically described as a learning centre which has greater amount of flexibility in staff selection and educational approach. Different forms of independent schools include free schools, schools based on experiential education, schools based on international curriculum, etc…

Home based Education: Home based schools are more or less practiced those who wish to opt out of the traditional education format. The reasons may vary from education, philosophy, religion, etc… These students do not follow regular curriculum approach on the contrary they depend on internet for their education.

Alternative education is acquring increasing importance in recent years. In its differnt forms, alternative deucation has made the knowledge and education process easier for the special section of students.


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