7 Simple Ways To Start Living Healthy

By | June 13, 2019

Do you want to live a healthier life? It’s easy to say this, but we are bombarded with so much conflicting information that it’s hard to know what to do. For example, fat used to be considered toxic, while sugar was fine in moderation. Now we’re seeing high fat, low sugar, low carb diets are touted as the solution to the obesity epidemic. 

So we’re going to make it easy. Here are 7 simple ways to start living healthy.

Drink Enough Water

You may be told to drink more apple cider vinegar, wine or juices as a cure-all. But the simplest solution is to simply drink more water. The average person is chronically dehydrated. This leads to fatigue. When it’s severe, it can slow down your metabolism, making it hard to lose weight. These problems are compounded by what we do drink. Alcohol, coffee, caffeinated sodas and energy drinks are all dehydrating. Drink as much water as you do those beverages, and then drink another two litres of water a day.

Take a Hike

Humans aren’t meant to be sedentary. We’re descended from hunter-gatherers who hiked for miles to hunt game or gather food and collect water. Your body is designed to walk several miles a day. The ideal is 10,000 steps. This doesn’t mean you have to go for one long hike. Walking to work, the grocery store and school all count towards this goal. You can even start by taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

See Your Doctor Regularly

Visit your doctor regularly, even when you’re healthy. This provides doctors with an accurate baseline they can use to determine when your health is less than ideal, or whether it’s hormonal or cardiovascular. Then you can see a specialist for treatment or correct your lifestyle before things get worse. Ensure you have Private Health Insurance before visiting specialist doctors.

Make Simple, Healthy Substitutions

Instead of radically changing your diet, make simple, healthy substitutions. Drink a bottle of fruit flavored water instead of soda. Replace white bread in your sandwich with whole grain bread. Try low-calorie versions of your favourite snacks. Substitute skim milk for whole milk in your coffee.


While a tiny fraction of the population can function on 4 to five hours sleep, the vast majority need at least 7 hours each night to have clear heads and their full energy level in the morning. If you’re tossing and turning because of back pain or your partner’s snoring, you need to try and solve the problem, or give yourself an extra hour.

Take Mental Breaks

This is not an excuse to go on vacation to the beach. Instead, you need regular breaks throughout the day from work and stress. When you take your lunch break, don’t answer work-related calls. Take a break each evening from social media and text messaging. When you’re on vacation, be on vacation. Don’t respond to voicemails from your boss. When you’re having a romantic dinner with your partner, don’t interrupt it for anything. You’ll feel better for it. 

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