6 Ways to Make Shopping on Your Phone Even Easier

By | July 25, 2020

Even though e-comm is supposed to make your life easier, sometimes online shopping can be overwhelming. So many sites! So many categories! To find the best deals, you need to compare products from a bajillion sites, while keeping track of the clothes, accessories, and skincare products you want. Could finding and buying the perfect pair of white sneakers be simpler? 100%.

Meet Klarna—she’s basically the shopping BFF we’ve all been waiting for. The service streamlines the entire shopping experience from start to finish, and we’re SO here for it. Download the app, and then check out these six shopping game changers before adding anything else to your cart!

Curate your shopping experience

Klarna first prompts you to choose a few categories you’re interested in—there’s women’s fashion, men’s fashion, beauty, interior, and tech.

Klarna klarna.com

Then, the smart lil’ app gets to work and gives you personalized wish lists created by Klarna’s shopping experts. The best part? The curated lists (WFH Stylish & Cozy, Soothing Butters & Cream, and Charming Earthy Tones, for example) include products from literally *thousands* of different retailers, which saves you the headache of toggling between sites.

You can also create your own wish lists, which is a truly genius way to keep track of alllll the things you want to buy and place them in nice, neat categories. Know you def want a high-waisted bikini, but haven’t found The One yet? Create a wish list full of your faves and then narrow down from there.

Share your fave looks

Obviously, you know what you like when you’re shopping, but seeing what’s in someone else’s shopping cart can be *seriously* inspiring. On Klarna’s app, you can explore the wish lists of other users, and then shop the items they’re loving right now.

Also, sharing your own wish lists with friends and fam is super simple. You can adjust your share settings in a list to allow it to be viewed by anyone with the link. PSA: It’s perfect for sending your product picks for the new apartment to the roomies — like a shoppable mood board!

Find out as soon as a price drops

Normally when you’re shopping and find something you love (but is like, $ 100 too expensive), it’s up to you to bookmark the link and check back here and there obsessively until the price finally drops. When you add an item to a wish list in Klarna, though, you can opt to get a notification when the price drops. Choose to be notified when the item is 10% off, 25% off, 50% off, or when there’s *any* price change.

Score exclusive deals

Instead of desperately searching for a promo code, take a peek at the exclusive deals directly on Klarna. The app takes the best deals at your fave retailers and puts them in one comprehensive list each day (yes, there are amazing sales every. single. day!). You can browse and make your purchases directly on the app, too.

Buy now, pay later


How many times have you added a few dresses or a pair of new sunglasses to your cart and then realized that, uh, you would rather not drop $ 200 right now? Klarna allows you to pay in installments, so you can opt into shelling out four equal payments every two weeks until the full amount is paid. This means that before you even pay the full price of that dress, you’ll prob have already posted a pic in it!

Every new purchase on the app is evaluated by Klarna’s system to ensure safe spending practices (which is truly a #blessing). The platform’s purchase approval process factors in everything from the time of day, size of the purchase, and your purchase history on Klarna—the longer you have shopped within the app and the more successfully repaid orders you have, the more likely you’ll be able to spend more.

Track everything

Regardless of the delivery company, you’ll be able to track every purchase you make in Klarna through the app. Gotta make sure that bb arrives safely, right? Returns are subject to the respective retailers’ policies, and if the store you purchased from issues a refund, Klarna updates the payments accordingly. If you have any questions along the way, you can hit up Klarna’s 24/7 chat and get answers ASAP.

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