5 myths about studying abroad (In India, or for that manner anywhere)

By | February 18, 2019
  1. I would not be able to graduate on time

There are many courses which SAPI Asia offers which are of the same duration as of any course (with or without credits) in India. There is an availability of both short term courses as well as long term courses, for which there are enough credit transfer facilities available. You can get in touch with officials at SAPI to get an exhaustive knowledge for the same.

  1. It is an expensive proposition for me

Not at all. In fact, there are many courses which you can study in India for the same effective cost as in your native city. This happens because of the substantial difference in the cost of living of the two countries and which makes it possible to study the same course at the same footing as in your native country.

  1. I will feel home sick

India is a country which has something to offer for everyone. The sights, sounds and smells of the country would be a novel experience for you and in the midst of this new discovery, everything else takes a backseat. Our courses are framed in a way that theoretical studies are clubbed with practical exposure to the daily life of an Indian. Discover India along with studying your course and we are sure you won’t get the time to miss your loved ones. Even better would be an arrangement in which you can have a group of your friends to travel along with you. We offer attractive group discounts in such a case.

  1. I can only converse in English

English is slowly becoming the second language of the country. There has been a great influx of English as a medium to communicate and teach. There are ample courses here which are taught in English. These are international programs where students from many nationalities whose first language is English are coming in and studying.

  1. Internship in my country/city would be a better choice

With globalization becoming a norm with most blue chip organizations, it becomes imperative for prospective employees to be world citizens for the added thrust in their resume. An academic stint in another country (preferably a developing economy like India, because that is where all the expansion for these organizations is happening) gives you immense advantage over your peers. Intern in India with the best NGOs, blue chip organizations and SMEs to gather a holistic view of how things work in countries beyond your borders and give your credentials the requisite boost.

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