2021 Elixinol CBD Reviews & Coupon Code – What To Know Before Buying?

By | July 11, 2021

Hemp Balm

Hemp Balm

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The hemp balm formula does not contain harsh solvents and chemicals, making the product suitable for all skin types. It also has a blend of essential oils to improve its performance.

Your skin could also benefit from full-spectrum CBD. That is why CBD hemp balm is also a top product. Withhemp balm, you can give your skin the protection and TLC it deserves. 

The balm is infused with full-spectrum CBD hemp extract. This ensures you get the most out of the balm compared to those that lack hemp oils. 

In addition to hemp, the balm also contains a blend of ucuuba butter and other essential oils such as rosemary leaf extract, calendula, and copaiba. 

You will find it easy to use since it allows for smooth application on your skin. The best part is that the balm will quickly penetrate the skin giving you a hydrating feel. As such, it will be more effective. 

The hemp oil is also 100% plant-based. This means that the oil will be free of harsh solvents and chemicals that might otherwise affect your skin. The last thing you need is for the skin to develop rashes when trying to make it smoother. 

This one has multiple strength options for you to consider. They include 50mg, 250mg, and 500mg of CBD per bottle. So, whichever you feel would be great for your needs, go for it.

Good Mood CBD Gummies

Good Mood CBD Gummies

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Since the gummies are naturally flavored, the users are assured of safety when using them. They are also easy to use compared to some other forms of CBD, thus their popularity.

Elixinol also makes CBD gummies as part of their CBD products lineup. The aim of making gummies is to help people enjoy CBD on a whole new level than before. 

CBD gummies are generally easy to use as you can chew on them at different times of the day. Let us say you are stuck on a project, when you chew CBD gummies; you can feel your creativity getting better. As such, more people would enjoy using these hemp extract gummies. 

Other than being infused with CBD hemp, the gummies will also have real fruit extracts. The idea is to ensure the CBD products do not have harmful chemicals that might otherwise reduce the benefits of CBD.

These are called good mood CBD gummies. From the name of the product, it is easy to see how the gummies will be great for you in case you are feeling low for the day. Once you chew on some, your mood will improve significantly. 

The gummies are also made using USA-grown hemp. This type of hemp assures the users that it was checked and certified by the relevant authorities. There is no doubt most people would feel safe each time they use such a product. 

The concentration is 10mg of CBD per serving. 

Sports Gel

Sports Gel

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The sports gel is made of multiple high-quality ingredients crucial for boosting the skin’s health. Also, it is non-greasy, making it easily absorbed into the skin.

If you enjoy working out, the sports gel from Elixinol should be a great option for you. The gel combines the use of Elixinol CBD oil, arnica, capsaicin, and camphor. These ingredients will make the product versatile and effective for various topical applications you might have in mind. 

Also, the product is made of broad-spectrum hemp oil, which reduces the effects associated with THC. The results are you end up with a sports gel that is beneficial without the risks of THC[4]

The formula is non-greasy, making it better than some other gels you might have used before. Being non-greasy means absorption is fast for different skin types. 

The gel is still 100% plant-based. This means that there are no parabens or petrochemicals in the gel. Instead, the manufacturer includes a blend of essential oils important for boosting your skin health. 

The product does not contain synthetic colors or fragrances. Everything is natural to make it a suitable product for different skin types. 

It has 1000mg of CBD per bottle for concentration. This makes it a great product for regular use.

Other products by Elixinol

Elixinol makes more products other than the ones mentioned above. They include the following;

  • Lip balm
  • CBD dog treats

Hemp Source

Elixinol farms its own hemp both in Europe and the United States. All products designed for the American market are made from Colorado-grown hemp. Their hemp is also non-GMO, meaning it is safer and has more health benefits. 

As for Elixinol hemp meant for the European market, the hemp is sourced from the local farmers around the continent. All sources are rigorously tested for consistency and safety, ensuring the company only deals with quality hemp. 

Extraction Method

Elixinol uses the CO2 extraction process to get hemp oil from the hemp plants. This method is preferred as it does not include using chemical solvents or heat. As such, the hemp oil will retain the crucial compounds the users need. 

Wide Range of Products

It is hard to go wrong with Elixinol, considering it has a wide range of products to consider. The products include CBD capsules, CBD balms, CBD gummies, CBD oil tinctures, and more. As a result, you can always find a product you like or need. 

Flavor & Scent

The scent and flavors depend on the product you choose. The full-spectrum products such as oil tinctures will have cinnamon and natural flavors. The broad spectrum oil tinctures have a winter mint flavor. 

The CBD liposomes contain a citrus twist flavor. So, look at the product description to learn more about each flavor option. 

Shipping & Return Policy

Your order is processed within 5 business days before shipping. As for shipping, most products take 1 to 5 business days to be delivered. 

If you are not satisfied, you will get up to 30-days to return the product after buying it. Make sure to read more about the brand’s return policy to learn more. 

Customer Service

The customer service at Elixinol is excellent. Not many complaints have been registered about the customer support team. You can expect to get high-quality service from the company. 


  • Some users feel they could use more test results published on the website
  • The brand no longer has some popular products it had in the past. Such include a vape pen.
  • No edibles 
  • The company only lists their testing results and not those from third-party labs

Where to buy Elixinol CBD Oil?

If you like Elixinol hemp oil products, then the next step would be placing an order to enjoy some of the products the company offers. 

Visit the Elixinol online store to start the purchase process. First, set up an account on the website by filling in all the important information. Once you are done, activate the account by clicking on a link sent to your email. 

Peruse through the online shop looking at the different products to find the correct one that you need. Go through the product description to clearly understand what you are buying first. 

Add the product you want to cart and proceed to pay for it. Consider using the coupon code “SAVE 10” to save up to 10% off the purchase price. As much as the Elixinol products are not the most expensive, it is always good to know you can save. 

Sometimes Elixinol offers free shipping on the products. So, be on the lookout for such offers and more from the company. 

Benefits & Side effects 

Health Benefits 

One thing that appeals to most users is the wide range of products the brand offers. As much as they might not include every other CBD product in the market right now, the user will have several options to consider. 

The brand uses high-quality Elixinol hemp extract to ensure the user gets more CBD benefits. Since theirCBD extract is free from harsh solvents and chemicals, most people would use them without worrying about their safety. 

Still, on safety, the brand does not include gluten ingredients. Also, the products are free from parabens and other chemicals. Well, you should opt for them knowing they will deliver on great performance and safety. 

Many people have found the products to be great for improving their moods. Even if you often find yourself stressed, using some of the Elixinol products can generally improve how you feel. 

The use of the CO2 extraction process also means the resultant product maintains most of the CBD benefits. You will always feel it was worth spending your money to get these products. 

Side Effects 

Like any other CBD product, sometimes you may experience side effects. The most common is interaction with other medications you may be using. As such, talk to your doctor first if you are using other medications. 

The CBD products could also increase cases of drowsiness if you take them with alcohol. So, if you need to stay alert, avoid mixing these products with alcohol. 

Final Thought: Should you buy it?

From the Elixinol review above, you can now choose the best product from the brand. Since there are several categories to consider, it is best to take more time to pick the right one for your needs. 

The company prides itself on making high-quality products. So, the users mostly buy them knowing these products would serve them better without worrying about safety.

The brand could use more transparency compared to other companies that usually publish test results from third-party labs. Other than that, Elixinol should be a great source for all your CBD products.