15 top providers of data quality tools

By | April 25, 2019


“Syncsort has headquarters in Pearl River, N.Y. Its data quality products are the Trillium Software System, Trillium Director, Trillium Global Locator, Trillium Cloud, Trillium Quality for Big Data, and Trillium Quality for SAP and Microsoft CRM. Syncsort has an estimated 1,100 customers for these products,” the report says. “Reference customers for Syncsort score its core data quality functionality—including profiling, standardization and cleansing, parsing, matching, linking and merging—above the survey average.”


“Talend has headquarters in Redwood City, Calif. Its data quality products are Talend Open Studio for Data Quality and Talend Data Management Platform. Talend has an estimated 1,500 licensed customers for these products,” the report says. “The overall ease of use of Talend’s data quality tools is highly praised by its reference customers. Setup and operation are easy to handle, especially for data stewards. The learning curve is minimal, lasting mere days or hours.”


“Challengers have established presence, credibility and viability, along with robust product capabilities, and solid sales and marketing execution,” the report explains. “Challengers may not have the same breadth of offering as Leaders, and/or in some areas may not demonstrate as much thought leadership and innovation. For example, they may focus on a limited number of data domains (customer, product and location data, for example).”

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