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Gilead’s converting Truvada PrEP users to Descovy faster than expected: analyst

One big task for Gilead Sciences’ HIV franchise in the coming year is to save some $ 2.5 billion in annual sales by switching as many PrEP patients as possible from Truvada to newly approved Descovy before generics hit. So far, the company’s doing a good job. In just two months since the FDA approved… Read More »

Time To Deliver: Putting an end to Black women dying in childbirth is easier than you think

The newly released 2019 March of Dimes Report Card finds that Black women are three to four times more likely to die than white women from pregnancy complications. (Adobe Stock) Giving birth to a baby is typically a celebratory event. New mothers are supported and surrounded by family and friends wishing the very best for… Read More »

Are two cats better than one?

If you have a cat at home, you might be wondering whether they would enjoy the company of another cat, especially if you spend long periods of the day out. It’s true that, with the right introduction, cats can enjoy social interactions with each other, and this can enrich their lives considerably. However, every cat… Read More »