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Reinventing the Blood Test

—By Nigel Bowen When John Kelly took part in a traditional rite of passage for the Irish – a year-long backpacking trip around Australia – he had no idea that a quarter of a century later he’d be exporting innovative Australian medical technology to the world. “I visited in my early twenties and loved the… Read More »

New blood test could be used to help millions infected with TB

Protein power The research team set out to create their blood-based test by identifying a signature set of biomarkers in patients’ blood that consistently indicated a high likelihood of ATB, then developing an easily deployable assay that could detect that signature. They first measured the levels of 47 different blood proteins in about 400 samples… Read More »

California invalidates 1,400 pharmacist license test scores

California authorities have invalidated test scores of 1,400 pharmacists because more than 100 questions from the state licensing exam were leaked online. The State Board of Pharmacy has decided that anyone who took the exam since July will have to retake it, the Los Angeles Times reported Friday. “We are fully aware of how destructive… Read More »