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Don’t Let Diet Culture Stop You From Feasting This Thanksgiving – Here And Now

Each year after the holiday season comes to a close, diet culture looms as the new year approaches. Many resolutions involve dieting, and with it often comes anxiety and guilt over weight gain or eating habits. But author and fat studies scholar Virgie Tovar is encouraging everyone to stop that cycle, which she says not… Read More »

Academics urged to stop submitting their papers to ‘predatory journals’ motivated by money

Academics are urged to stop submitting their papers to ‘predatory journals’ motivated by money over fears they’re damaging the reputation of scientists Three major medical writers’ organisations said scientists must be vigilant Poorly-run journals could damage reputations by publishing poor quality work Those with unoriginal names or shabby websites may be a cause for concern … Read More »

Viewpoints: Stop Talking About Expanding Medicare. Fix Its Financial Flaws Instead; Why Do We Need Anymore Lessons On The Societal Risks Of Genome Editing?

Editorial writers weigh in on these health topics and others. The Wall Street Journal: Modest Cuts Could Save Medicare From Disaster Instead of debating how to expand Medicare coverage, politicians should focus on fixing the fatal financial flaws in the existing program that threaten to bankrupt the nation. Medicare spent 3.6% of gross domestic product… Read More »