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NHS and care home staff will get access to coronavirus antibody tests from next week

NHS and care workers will FINALLY get free coronavirus antibody tests after Number 10 agrees deal with pharmaceutical giant Roche Hundreds of thousands of frontline NHS and care workers to be offered the tests Tests scour the blood for antibodies, produced by body in response to COVID-19 Presumed that presence of antibodies provides degree of… Read More »

Personalized Blood Flow Modeling Benefits from Virtual Reality Interface

Researchers at Duke University have developed a fluid dynamics simulator that can model blood flow within the body, including the motion of individual blood cells. The researchers hope that the system could eventually be used by clinicians to model blood flow for individual patients and help with treatment decisions, such as stent placement. By testing… Read More »

Can you die from cymbalta

In a review, Vey and Kovelman provided post-mortem data on six fatalities involving duloxetine, either alone or in conjunction with other medications 4. No pneumonia was seen grossly or microscopically. No injuries were present with the exception of cardiopulmonary resuscitation-related anterior rib fractures. More EMS1 Articles. Increased heart rate, irregular menstrual cycle, increased frequency of… Read More »

Pumpkin Seeds Health Benefits: From Healthy Heart to Strong Immunity, Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Eat This Healthy Snack

Pumpkin Seeds (Photo Credits: Pixabay) Nuts and seeds indeed serve as a healthy snack option which can provide the body with essential nutrients. In order to maintain good health and fitness, it is necessary to eat the right food. Having said that, let us speak about pumpkin seeds, which consist of healthy fats like polyunsaturated… Read More »

Kriti Sanon Dressed From Top to Toe in Coach Spells Luxury in Every Detail!

Kriti Sanon in Coach (Photo Credits: Instagram) Kriti Sanon, the quintessential Delhi girl who is also a tech graduate belongs to the niche and fast paced millennial generation. A bonafide style icon, Kriti flips styles and flaunts outfits that define the mood. It is for this reason and others that Kriti Sanon enjoys immense fandom… Read More »