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Aklief, a New Retinoid for Face and Body Acne, Approved by the FDA – Allure Magazine

Usually, when we talk about retinoids gaining approval by the Food and Drug Administration, we’re talking about different formulations or strengths of a certain retinoid, or a retinoid that’s gained approval to be used on a different part of the body. The FDA approval of a new topical called Aklief, however, is totally different —… Read More »

Stressed out: Is anxiety adding years to your face by giving you wrinkles?

And we know this is bad for us: stress has been found to suppress the immune system and contribute to heart disease, poor gut health and insomnia. But is there another, lesser-known effect? “Stress is by far the single biggest factor for ageing skin and can affect its health and appearance,” says Shabir Daya, pharmacist… Read More »